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Everything You Need To Know About The Subscription Bar


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What is it?

This feature allows you to embed a sign-up form in the bottom of your pages, instead of being accessed through a separate page or a pop-up dialogue.


What can I use it for?

This is designed to offer an additional way in which you can present the content of one of your form pages (such as your Contact or Newsletter Sign-Up pages) but in a new format. Our current advice when setting up your site is to have your Contact page be a standalone page accessible through the navigation menu, and to have the Newsletter Sign-Up dialogue automatically appear as a pop-up after a certain trigger condition has been met (usually a short time delay). However you could instead set up the subscribe bar to offer the functionality of either of these. Also, any settings attached to the page (such as the automated email reply) will also be applied to the subscribe bar, leaving

How do I set it up?

This is a very straightforward tool. You can find it on the Header & Footer tab in your site editor, between the Footer and Announcement Bar tabs.


The first field is where you select the form page which is the source of the text fields. In this example it is using the Contact page.


The Content section contains the text displayed above whatever text fields will be displayed on the form.


And this text will be displayed on the button next to the text fields.


And here again you can see the subscription bar in use, with the Content text displayed above, and the button on the side containing the button text.


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