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How To: Create a Contact Page


If you want to allow you customers to submit an e-mail to you via your website, you can create a contact form that they can use to do so without needed to open their email client.

Every customer on the Art Storefronts platform can create a Contact page and, in fact, ASF strongly recommends that you have a contact page so your customers can get in touch with you if they have any questions regarding anything on your website.

  1. Log in to your Art Storefronts Site Editor and click on the button labeled Add Page
  2. Provide the page with a Name. We’re using Contact Us.
  3. For Type of Page, choose Form.
  4. Click Create.
  5. The new page will now open in the Site Editor.
  6. We’ll leave the default form fields as they are. (You can see them if you scroll down on the page.)
  7. Now scroll back up and click on the Info tab. This is where you will set up the details that will make the page work correctly.
  8. Then under Submissions Should Be Emailed To, add the email address which you wish to have the contact emails sent to. If you don’t have this email set up correctly, you won’t be notified when a customer uses the form and won’t receive their message.
  9. The next section is optional, but you might like to enter something into the Lead Content section to thank the customer for contacting you, and promise to fast reply.
  10. Now to set up an automatic email reply. This will be a short notification that will be sent to the customer to let them know their email has been sent and you will be replying to it soon.
  11. Let’s start by enabling Send Confirmation Email?
  12. Now add a subject line for the automated email under Confirmation Email Subject Text.
  13. And now for some text in the body of the email itself under Confirmation Email Content. (You could also add additional information here, or alternative contact methods such as your cellphone or instant messenger contact)
  14. Now we have the option of adding a Redirect URL. If you have an address entered here, the customer will be redirected to this page after filling out and sending the contact form. This could be used to send the customer back to the home page, for example.
  15. The next section is where you can add the individual contacting you to a segment in your Contacts on the site, or to add them to a Mailchimp list. (These are optional, but adding them to your Contacts could be a very useful for associating individuals with their behavior on the site using the Detective tool)
  16. The last section is where you can modify the appearance of the form if it is a pop-up window (such as the default Lead Capture Tool layout). As this form page is an actual page, you can leave these options with their default settings.
  17. Now click on Save, and your contact page is complete!
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