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Creating Original products from uploaded Art Print products and adding them to your site






Let’s say you’ve created your site and populated it with print products, but now you want to sell the originals. What do you do?

This article will walk you through the process of creating matching original products to accompany your prints, how to upload non-print photos, and using the product export and import function to duplicate important product details.



Exporting Your Art Print Products


Let’s start by going in to your Site Manager.


Now we open the Art Print Store that contains the print products which we wish to create matching original products for.


Go to the Info tab.


Scroll down until you are near the bottom of the page, and click on the Export Products button.


On the next page check that the Export Format is set to Standard, then click on the Start The Export button.



Now switch to your email client, and look for an email from Art Storefronts titled Product Export Request


Move your mouse over the "Click here to download your file" link, right-click, and select "Save link as" to save the file to your choice of location on your computer.


This will save a copy of your exported product information onto your computer. To perform the next part, and create a list of print products which will be used to generate the list of originals, we can export the file into Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or a similar piece of software. I will use Google Sheets for this example.

Open Sheets and create a new spreadsheet.


Click on File, then on Open.


Now click on Upload, and you can either click on "Select a file from your computer" or drag the file you just downloaded into this window. This will import the product information into this spreadsheet.



The next few steps are optional. I’m doing this so my list of product names will be sorted into alphabetical order. If you don’t need to do this, you can skip ahead.

First click on the first row box to the left, labeled 1.


Now click on View, then on Freeze and select 1 row. This will set the row of titles across the top of the screen as something I can’t modify until I turn the Freeze setting off again.


Now right-click in the cell above column C, and select Sort Sheet A -> Z. This will re-order the contents of the sheet alphabetically according the the product name in column C.


Right-click on column C and click on Copy.


Open notepad or another text editor, and click on Paste.


And here you have your list of product names which you can use in the next step, creating your duplicate products.




Creating Original Products


Let’s start by going into the Standard Store where we are going to be creating the new products.


And now to create the first of these products.


Now quickly go back to the list of names you created in the last step, and copy the first one.


And we go back to the new product page. You should set the Type of Product as "Original Art Product" and paste the name into the Name field. Once you’ve done this, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.


Click on Add Photos, and we can add images to the product.

Please note: You probably won’t be able to use the print store product image here, as there as a lower file size limit for standard store images. (Art Print Store images can be up to 100mb in size, but Standard Store images are limited to under 20mb)


Select your image (or images) and click on Open.


And click on Save.


Returning to the list of product names, what we are going to do is create a new product with at least one image for each item on the list for which we are intending to sell a matching original.


Repeat until products have been created for all applicable items on the list.

Copy Product Information from Art Prints to Originals

Once you’ve finished setting up all the empty original products, the next step is to perform another product export, but this time it will be the from the Standard Store.

In the Standard Store, go to the Info tab.


Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Export Products.


Make sure you set "Choose A Product Type" to "Original Art Product"


Then leave "Export Format" as "Standard" and click on Start The Export.



Now when you log into your email, you should see a new system email named Product Export Request. Click on it to open it.


Right-click on the "Click here to download your file" link, select "Save Link As" and choose where you wish to save the exported file on your computer.


Now we go back to Google Sheets. Click on ‘Create New Spreadsheet’


When the blank sheet has been opened, click on File, then on Open.


Now either drag the exported file which you just downloaded onto this window, or select and open it.


You’ll now have a copy of the product information for your new products, ready to be edited.


If you compare the title row of each file, you’ll see there are differences between the two. For example the Originals export has fields for Price, Quantity, and Shipping Weight which the Art Prints export doesn’t. And there are several fields present in both, which are listed in different orders.


Let’s start by copying the first six lines of product information from the Art Print export, selecting the cells containing SEO Title, SEO Meta Description, SEO Meta Keywords, and Smart URLs. (I’m copying six because I have six originals which match the first six art print products. If you are creating a different number of originals, you’ll need to copy a different number of rows)


Now change to the Originals export, and select the same cells (SEO Title, Meta Date, Meta Keywords, and Smart URL) for the same number of products (six for my example).


This will populate this section of product information for your new originals.


One change we will need to make before we move on is with the Smart URL entries. This is because your smart URLs should be different for each product on your site, and right now they are duplicates of the print art products.


You may have noticed that sometimes when you attempt to change a smart-url it will change to the value you set it to, but the system will append a series of random characters to the end of it. This is because it appears too similar to another smart-URL, as happened with the highlighted example below.


What I’m going to do here is to modify each one to append "-original" to the end of each, which will differentiate them from the art print product in a fairly straightforward manner.



(Additional fields you may want to duplicate include Search Keywords, Short Description, and Long Description.)

Now to save the updated information, and upload it onto your site to update your originals.

With your modified Originals product sheet open in Google Sheets, click on File, Download as, and select Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet). This will save the updated information to a file on your computer.




Import updated original products CSV

Now we return to the Site Manager, and the Standard Store on your site.


Scroll down to the Export/Import Products section near the bottom of the page, and click on Import Products.


Click on the Choose file button.


Now select the csv you saved at the end of the previous section and click on Open.


Click on Import.


This will bring up a warning screen which you should read carefully. You should still have the Original Products export which you created earlier in this article - saving the modified version should not have over-written this. If it did, then you should go back and save another copy of this just in case something goes wrong. But if you’re comfortable that you’ve modified the product information correctly you can type ‘I SAVED A BACKUP’ into the text field and click on Confirm.


The page will reload, and you will be at the top of the Standard Store page again. There should be a message in a green notification box at the top of the page.


Now it’s a matter of waiting until you receive the confirmation email.



Now we can go into the standard store and check the products to be sure that the information has been imported correctly.



And there we have it, duplicated original products to be connected to your print products.

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