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How To: Create a new Audience List in Mailchimp


Now that you have your Mailchimp account setup, the next step is to create an Audience list. Your Audience is the name given to your list of emails in your Mailchimp account.

Note: Originally Mailchimp allowed multiple lists to be setup within the account, but recently they moved towards a single-list setup, which is the system we now refer to in our documentation. Their latest update has renamed this primary list to your "Audience" but it still functions in mostly the same manner.

This article is assuming you are new to Mailchimp, and don’t have an Audience or list set up. If you have one already, you can move on to the next article in this series, Integrating and Verifying your Site with Mailchimp.


  1. Let’s start by going to the site and logging in. 
  2. Enter your login details, and click on the Log In button. 


  3. You should be redirected to the Landing Page. On the left menu, click on Audience, which will have a drop-down. Please Choose Audience Dashboard


  4. Now you should be shown a page instructing you to create an Audience list. Click on the Create Audience button. 


  5. This page is where you will name and configure your new list. I’ll go through the settings one-by-one.


  6. The first field is your Audience name. This is something people receiving your newsletter emails will see, so you should use something descriptive which references your site or business.


  7. Next is your email address.


  8. Now you choose the name to go with your email. What you use here will depend on how you’ve branded your business. If the focus is on a particular individual (the artist who’s created the material you’re selling on your site) you might want to put their name into this field. However if the branding is based on the business name then the business name would be the best fit.


  9. The next section is where you’ll explain why they’re receiving your emails.


  10. Next is your company or business name.


  11. And next is your business address.


  12. The last of these fields is an optional field where you can enter a phone number.


  13. This is the last step in setting up your list.

    For this section you can choose as many or as few boxes as you would like. The first two affect the email which your customers will receive.

    • The first sends an opt-in email when they initially subscribe to your list, which they must respond to in order to be properly added to the list.
    • The second adds GDPR information to your forms, which is required for customers who are located in the EU.

    The remaining three determine how much feedback you receive from Mailchimp regarding activity on your list.

    • The first will send you a daily email giving an overview of subscriptions and unsubscriptions from your list.
    • The second enables email notifications whenever a user subscribes.
    • The third enables notifications whenever a user unsubscribes.

  14. After selecting your options and clicking on Save, you’ll be informed that your Audience list has been created.



Please Note: We advise that you should have the audience's "Send Welcome Email" turned off. This way, MailChimp does not send out a mass email when one uploads new contacts. Additionally, if this flag is set as ON, Mailchimp will send out an email having the wrong name sent out to them. To turn off this feature:

1. Click on your Audience, which will have a drop-down. Please Choose Audience Dashboard



2. Please find the Manage Audience Drop Down menu and click on Settings


3. Choose the "Audience name and defaults" link


4. Here you'll find a couple of options. Please ensure that the "" option us NOT checked:



What Do I Do Next?


Now that you have your Audience list set up, you’re ready to connect Mailchimp with your site. Click on the link to learn about Integrating and Verifying your site with Mailchimp

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