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How To: Connect a Wordpress Blog to your Art Storefronts Site


While we have a blogging system built into our platform, we know that some people have a need for something more feature-rich such as a full Wordpress blog.

It's actually not too complicated to set this up if you decide to follow this route, although the details of how to set this up will depend on where your Wordpress site and domain name are hosted.

In general terms, these instructions will cover the steps needed to set this up and connect it to your ASF site. Unfortunately we can't provide more detailed instructions as what you will need to do will be different for each Wordpress provider, and for each domain name host.

  1. Create your Wordpress site if you don't already have one. (We recommend using a company like WP Engine for this; they have great support, and we use them for our own blog)
  2. Point your subdomain to your Wordpress site. (Exactly how this is setup will depend on your provider)
  3. Add a link page on your ASF site named "Blog" which links to your Wordpress blog. We have a relevant article which you can read here: How To: Create a Link Page
  4. Add a corresponding link on your blog which allows visitors to get back to your ASF site easily. (How to set this up will depend on your provider)

For examples of setting up DNS for different Wordpress hosts, these articles might be useful:

And these articles touch on setting up subdomains with different domain registrars.


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