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How to Implement Free Shipping


It’s now possible to offer free shipping without needing to resort to the use of discount coupons.


NOTE: This does not eliminate shipping costs for auto-fulfilled orders. You will still by charged shipping costs by your fulfillment partner. This is simply allowing you to easily implement your decision to not pass the cost of shipping these orders on to your customers, and you should have factored this cost into your product pricing already.

Also, we strongly recommend setting a minimum cart subtotal requirement of at least $100, ideally more, if you wish to utilise this feature. This will ensure that you'll be receiving an order large enough that the profit from the order will be able to absorb the accompanying shipping cost.


If you open your Shipping Methods tab you’ll see a new section at the top of the page.



On the left are the existing shipping options that are set up on your site, and provided by your fulfillment vendor if you are connected to one. When selected, this means that the cost will be reduced to $0 for orders which meet the threshold value on the right. They are displayed with the name of the shipping method on the left, and the site on the right.

So the first entry in this screenshot is from the shipping method on this site (the shipping method for self-fulfilled products) and the three below it are on the vendor site (their shipping methods which create the shipping costs which are applied to auto-fulfilled prints ordered on your site).



On the right is the cart subtotal threshold. This is the value in which the items in the cart must be equal to or greater than in order for the shipping to become free.

After making any changes, click on Update to save your settings.



This is an example cart I have put together, with free shipping disabled. You can see the $14.95 shipping charge below the order total.



Now when I enable the free shipping method and reload the checkout page, you’ll see that the shipping cost has changed to $0.



To switch off free shipping you will need to go back to the Shipping Method page and disable all of the methods.


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