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Everything You Need To Know About Retail, Self Made, and Wholesale Orders


There are many reasons why you would place an order from your site, either directly to the vendor, or just to log the sale in the back end of the site. Whether you'd like to have a few samples on hand in case a customer is interested in your art but is unsure about the medium, you have a Live Art Show you need products for, or someone just ordered outside of the site from you, you would accomplish that by placing a Self Made Order on your website. In this article, we will go over Self Made orders, and explain the difference between a Retail Order, Wholesale order, Self Made order and Vendor Purchase. Let's dive in.

What is a Retail Order


Any order a customer makes through your site with a Retail price is what we call a Retail Order. For most artists this is the most common type of order you will deal with, where your customers will view a product on your site and purchase it without you needing to do anything.

Only your customers should be making purchases in this manner. If you are making a purchase on their behalf, or if you are making a purchase for yourself, you should instead be creating a self order through your Site Manager.


What is a Self Made Order


If you ever want to place an order through your site quickly, you can create what we call a Self Made Order using your Site Manager.

This can be used to create orders of prints for customers at a show or other situations where there is an immediate opportunity to make a sale but where they may not have access to your full site, or where they are willing to purchase something in cash and you don’t want to have to stop and create a purchase order at that time.

When a Self Made order is created in the system, regardless of the method by which your customer will be paying for the order, any vendor fulfillment costs for the order will be charged to the credit card attached to your Art Storefronts account. These fulfillment costs will need to be paid to your vendor before the order will begin being processed by them, so these will come out immediately unless you have enabled a delay on vendor fulfillment order charges.

Warning: We are unable to remove the delay on an order which has already been created, so if you have a vendor fulfillment order delay enabled you should disable it before you place any self-made orders, including wholesale orders.



What is a Wholesale Order


If your website uses automated fulfillment (i.e. you do not do your own printing), you can make your own "wholesale" print orders for yourself. This will allow you to buy prints directly from the company who is currently handling your print fulfillment, at wholesale prices (in other words, your markups will be removed from the pricing).

This is commonly done by artists and photographers on our platform who sell at local art fairs or in retail art galleries and need to get prints made so they can sell them in person. When you buy prints directly from your fulfillment partner, you have the prints shipped to you and you'll have a record of everything within your Site Manager, making this process incredibly simple. If you haven't already, we highly recommend reading our blog post "Benefits of Using the Wholesale Orders Feature".

We use the term "wholesale" here to make it clear that for these orders your markups will not be applied to the cost of the order, allowing you to place an order at the exact cost your fulfillment vendor is charging you. When markups are applied, we consider this "retail" pricing. Please know that this does NOT mean your fulfillment vendor will charge you anything different than what you already see when editing your markups on a given Store page. You will still be charged exactly what you see on that page. Please do NOT contact your fulfillment vendor and ask what their "wholesale prices" are.



How to make a Self Made Order


This type of order is subject to your normal markups on any prints which are part of the order.

Note: If you are ordering prints for your own use you should be using the Wholesale Order section of this guide, otherwise you will be paying a higher price for your prints than you should be.


Please note: If you set your customers account to be able to buy wholesale, you would still need to make the self made orders for them in the Site Manager. Should they order themselves from the Live Site, it will appear as a regular order for which they will be charged the full price. Additionally, you can invite them on as team members, which will enable them to make the self made orders themselves, however, it will give them access to the rest of your site as well, so exercise caution when using this feature. You can find more details on adding team members here: How To: Invite Team Members To Work On Your Art Storefronts Site



Getting started


  1. Log in to your Site Manager and, in the upper right-hand corner, find the menu labeled Jump To. In this menu, select the option labeled Orders.

  2. At the top of the page, you will have four tabs. Click on the one labeled Self-Made Orders.

  3. Select the black button labeled + New Order at the left-hand side of the page.




Billing & Shipping information


You will be directed to a new page with two different options: New Customer and Choose an Existing Customer.



Create a New Customer


  1. Here you will either create a new contact for the order or select an existing customer from your contacts. If you have not created your contact yet, you will click on New Customer.

  2. Once you click on this, new fields will appear, where you can enter the personal details of your customer into these fields, which should be fairly self-explanatory.

  3. Near the bottom of the list are three other fields which need extra explanation. The first is the option to make this customer Tax Exempt. You should only enable this if you have a specific reason to.
  4. The second is Can Buy Wholesale. Again, you should only enable this if you really need to. Any customer who has this enabled will be pay wholesale prices for their orders, but you should not enable this as you will not make any profit on any orders for customers who are Wholesale-enabled.
  5. The last option is Send Welcome Email To Customer. If you check this, the customer will be sent a notification email informing them about the creation of their account.
  6. After you have reviewed the information you have entered, if it is correct you can click on the black button labeled Create to create the account for your customer.
  7. Once the contact has been created, you will be given the option to Start Order or Go Back. If you would like to continue on to purchasing a product, select Start Order. If you would like to edit the contact you just created or add another contact, click the button labeled Go Back.



Use an Existing Customer


  1. If you already have a contact for this customer, click on Choose an Existing Customer.

  2. A drop-down will appear with a search bar labeled Search Contacts. Type in the name of the contact you would like to use for the order inside the text box. When finished, click GO to see your results. Once you see the contact, click the black button labeled Select.


    If you are placing a Wholesale Order, make sure that the contact you are selecting has wholesale buying ability. This can be checked by clicking on the contact Name, and selecting the "User" tab.


Shipping and Billing Addresses


  1. Once you have created or selected your customer, you can see on the right under the Order Summary that there is no shipping or billing addresses set up. So let’s move on first to filling in their Shipping Address.
  2. If your contact doesn't have the customers shipping address, then you will need to click on Create New Address. You will then see a drop down with fields to add your shipping address. After you have added all the information, click on the black button at the bottom of the fields labeled Create New Address to save your information.
  3. This will add the address to the account. You can click on Ok here to move onto the next stage where you will select it.

  4. Click on Select Existing and select the address you have created.

  5. Once you have done so, you can also check the box Apply To Billing Address to automatically fill in your Billing Address for the order. This is useful if you are placing an order for yourself and it is shipped to your address.

  6. Next, you will need to add your Billing Address (if you didn't do so in the previous step.)
  7. If your contact doesn't have the customer’s billing address, then you will need to click on Create New Address. You will then see a drop down with fields to add your billing address. After you have added all the information, click on the black button at the bottom of the fields labeled Create New Address to save your information.
  8. If your contact already has a shipping address entered in for their account, you can click on Select Existing. A drop-down box will appear and you can select the correct address from the listings.


Optional: Backdating an Order


You may have noticed a new section appearing at the top of the screen labeled Custom Order Date. This is so you can set the date and other details of an order you may have received previously but have only been able to enter into the system.

For example, a customer at a show paid for a print on Sunday, but you didn’t get back home where you were able to enter the purchase into the site until Monday.

All you need to do is click in the box labeled click here, select the date in the window which has opened (and the time if you wish), and then click on Done.



Selecting Products


  1. Now click on + Add Items. This is where you will select the products for the order.
  2. You can type the name or category for the product you are looking for, and click on GO to begin a search. Once you have found the product you are looking for, click on the Select button beside it.
  3. Once you have selected a product, you will be given the option to add it to your cart. If you have selected a print product, you will need to select your preferences before you can add the print to your cart. First, you will select your Medium type. When finished, press Continue.
  4. Then select the Size of your print and press Continue.
  5. Now, select the Styles of your print and press Continue.
  6. To add your item to the cart, review your Summary, and click on the Add to Cart button. (You have the option setting a Price Override here, but unless you have a need to set this at a specific value we recommend you use the price as shown.) 

    Keep in mind that the Price Override will not affect the wholesale price of the order. You'd still be charged the wholesale price, regardless of the value you add in this field




Select Shipping Option


You can now repeat these steps for each product you wish to add to the order. When you can added all the products you need to, it’s time to click on Shipping Method and select one of the shipping methods available for the product you’ve selected.

There is also an option for Override Shipping Total, but you should only use this for self-fulfilled orders, and only when you have a specific need to do this. Your Fulfillment Vendor will always charge you the correct shipping price, regardless of the value you add in this field. 


Review & Pay


  1. Now click on Review & Pay.
  2. You can empty your cart by clicking on the red Empty Cart button if you want to remove all the products from your cart and start over.
  3. You will also now see a breakdown of the order you are about to place.
  4. It's now time to select your Payment Method. By default it requires the credit card details from your customer.
  5. Alternatively you can select Already Paid Externally if they have paid you directly already (such as cash payment at a show), or Going To Pay Externally if you have yet to receive payment.

    Note: Your credit card on file with your Art Storefronts site will be charged immediately upon this order being placed, so you should be prepared to cover this cost.
  6. Next is Order Status. If the order has fulfillment items you will be unable to change this.
  7. Next is Shipping Status. If you are self-fulfilling the order you will able to set this to reflect the shipping status of your order, but for an order with vendor-fulfilled products this setting will initially be set by your vendor.
  8. Next is the option to add a message to the customer to the order. This will appear on the order receipt they are emailed.
  9. Here you can disable the emailed Order Receipt. Our recommendation is that this should remain enabled.
  10. Once you are happy with your order, simply click on Place Order to complete your order.



How to make a Wholesale Order


This type of order is priced according to the wholesale cost of fulfilling the prints which make up the order. This means there is no markup being applied, so it should not be used when creating an order for a client, or you will not be making any profit on this order.



Getting started


  1. Starting in your Site Manager, open the Jump To menu, and select Orders.

  2. mceclip0.png
  3. Then click on the Self-Made Orders tab.

  4. mceclip0.png
  5. Next click on the + New Order button.

  6. mceclip1.png



Billing & Shipping information


  1. You will need to create a wholesale contact for your website using the same email attached to your Art Storefronts platform. If you're unsure which email address this is, you can check this under your Account page at the very top of the screen. Click on New Customer to begin creating your wholesale contact.

  2. mceclip2.png
  3. Fill in at least your first name, last name, and email address associated with your Art Storefronts platform.

    Note: If the email entered into this section is different to the email address connected to your Art Storefronts account you may find this feature will not work correctly.

  4. mceclip3.png
  5. Turn the Tax Exempt status ON. Since you are purchasing wholesale, your order will be tax exempt.
  6. Turn the Can Buy Wholesale? setting to ON. This setting is required to be ON when placing a wholesale order.
  7. If Send Welcome Email To Customer? is enabled, then you will receive a confirmation email that your customer account has been created. This will also allow you to see what the customers will receive whenever they sign-up on your website.
  8. Once all the details have been added, you can click on Create to save your wholesale contact.
  9. Now that the page has refreshed, you will see an order number along with your customer name and the Can Buy Wholesale? option will appear as "Yes." If the wholesale option says "No" then you will need to go back to your Contacts and turn the Can Buy Wholesale setting on in the contact and check that you are using the same email address for this contact as is set up for your Art Storefronts account.
  10. Now we will need to add the Shipping Address to the order. Since this is a new contact, you will need to select the Create New Address option.
  11. You can now enter your address information.
  12. Once you have filled it all out, click on Create New Address.
  13. Click on Ok on the next page.
  14. Now you will have the option to apply the same address to your billing address. If you would like to use the same address, make sure the box has a checkmark and it will automatically apply it. If not, leave the box without a checkmark.
  15. Select 3. Billing Address to confirm the billing address for the order. This needs to be confirmed even if you applied the shipping address to this field. Please, don't skip this step.
  16. If you need to use a different address for your Billing Address, click on the Create New Address field and fill in the relevant fields.


Selecting Products


  1. Now it's time to add the products to your wholesale order. Click on the next step 4. + Add Items. Here, you have the option to search by product name for the exact products you would like to purchase.


  2. Once you have located a product you would like to purchase, click on the black button labeled Select.

  3. Select the Media type then click on Continue.
  4. Select the product Size and click on Continue.


  5. Select your choice of options on the Styles tab, then on Continue.


  6. You will now see a summary of your product.


  7. You have the option to Price Override the product. This SHOULD NOT be used during your wholesale order. This feature should only be used in regular self-made orders only!

    If you use this feature during a wholesale order, your fulfillment vendor will contact you for the remaining balance of your order before they will begin printing the order, delaying the time before the order will go into production.


  8. After you have confirmed the print summary, click on the black button labeled Add To Cart to add the art print product to your shopping cart.

  9. On the right side of the screen, you will now see the product details.
  10. You can repeat these steps to add additional products, and once you have added all your wholesale products to the cart, click on the next step 5. Shipping Methods.


  11. Confirm the shipping method listed for your wholesale order by clicking on one of the displayed options. Do not override your shipping method. This feature is intended for your self-fulfilled orders only, where you are responsible for setting the shipping cost for an order. For orders fulfilled by a partner vendor, if you override the shipping amount your fulfillment vendor will stop processing of the order and contact you to arrange payment of the missing shipping charge.


  12. Step 6. Discount should be skipped for wholesale orders, as you are already paying the minimum for the order. If your fulfillment vendor is running a promo discount, this will appear for you automatically in the invoice you receive, and is not entered into this section of the process.




Review & Pay


  1. Select Step 7. Review & Pay to review all the order details.


  2. Scroll down the page and locate the Payment Method. This will appear as Purchase by Website Owner. The wholesale order will be charged to your credit card on file for your Art Storefronts site. This is the only way to purchase the wholesale order without receiving transaction fees. If you need to review your credit card on file and/or add a different card for this order, please review How To: Update Your Credit Card On File For ASF Payments.


  3. Once you have reviewed everything for the order, click on the black button labeled Place Order to send your wholesale order to your fulfillment vendor.


Congratulations! You have placed your first wholesale order! If you have the time, please send us your feedback at We would love to hear about your experience and any suggestions you may have about the wholesale process.

How To: Delay your Fulfillment Vendor Order Charge

Art Storefronts Recommendation: Unless you have a very strong reason to use this feature - for example if you have cash flow issues and need the credit card transaction you are receiving to "settle" into your merchant account before initiating the print order - we do not recommend using this feature. This will delay the production of your order, even for wholesale or self-made orders, and will cause your customer to have to wait longer to receive their order.

Because of the way the Art Storefronts payment system works, you are generally charged immediately for the order that is placed on your site and the transaction fees on the site. Because of this, you must be sure that you have the funds to cover the costs of your prints upfront. To learn more about how payments are handled, we strongly advise you to review Everything You Need to Know About the Fulfillment Set-Up Process for Artists- specifically the section labeled How Payments are Handled. If you are unable to do so, this article is for you.


  1. Make sure you are logged in to the Site Manager. Find the tab labeled SITE SETTINGS and click on it.


  2. You’ll be taken to a new page, but before you progress any further, you need to make sure you’re on the tab labeled INFO. If you aren’t on the tab labeled INFO, you won’t see any of the options we are discussing, and you won’t be able to complete this process.


  3. When you’re sure you’re on the correct tab, scroll down until you see a section titled Number of Days to Delay Charges for Vendor Order. There you’ll have a drop-down menu where you can select how long to delay the order. After you receive an order that requires fulfillment, setting this field will delay the creation of a vendor order by, at the minimum, the specified period. Once this period has elapsed, the process will enter the current queue of orders being processed by Art Storefronts. This will allow you to collect the funds from the sale you made before you must pay the fulfillment costs for the order.
    Please Note: Please understand that changing this field will only affect future orders that are created. Past orders cannot be changed.

    Warning: Do not use this unless you need to delay the creation of your vendor orders until after some period, so that the funds you are bringing in from a sale have a chance to clear into your bank.

  4. Now, find the section labeled Minimum Order Total Threshold to Delay Vendor Order. If you enter in a number here, only orders that have a total greater or equal to this number will be delayed. All other orders will process as normal.


  5. After you have selected the number of days to delay an order, click the Save


  6. Then, when you receive an order, there will be a note on it saying the payment was delayed for the number of days your previously specified
    Please Note: Your orders WILL NOT be sent directly to the Vendor when they are received. Instead the order will be sent when payment for the order has been processed. Please factor this into your shipping time for your customers to avoid any issues.

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