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ASF Prints by Graphik Dimensions - Payments


Currently, you can choose to have your fine art prints fulfilled by ASF Prints. You will still be able to personally fulfill orders for original works as well as Standard Products (such as calendars, postcards, etc.).  If you do not sell any products other than your fine art prints, this still applies to you.  We want to make sure your site has the flexibility to take advantage of both of these features.

For more information regarding Transaction Fees, please click here: Why does ASF charge transaction fees? How does it work?

If you find you’re having trouble understanding any of the information below, please feel free to e-mail and one of our Technical Support Agents will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Do you need to contact Stripe Support? Please visit Stripe now offers Chat, Email, and 24/7 Phone Support for all users.


Here's a handy flowchart so you can visualize the process:  asfprintsTransparent.png




How Payments Are Handled

  1. Accepting Payments for Prints
    1. Please Note: Transaction Fees may apply to all art print orders. If you intend to make a test purchase, make sure it does not exceed $4.99. These Transaction Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.
    2. You’ll need to navigate to and create an account so that you may securely process credit card orders as well as process automatic deposits into the bank account you specified when creating the account.
    3. Once you have created your Stripe account, you’ll want to obtain your Secret Key and apply it to your Shopping Cart. If you need more information in finding and applying this key, please see our Self Help article How To: Add Your Stripe Secret Key To Your Shopping Cart.
    4. Please be aware that the deposit timeline of Stripe can vary. This timeline is controlled entirely by Stripe. If you find you are having issues with this timeline, you will need to reach out to Stripe Support.
    5. When a sale is made on your website, the funds from that sale go directly to the payment processor (in this case, Stripe) and from there Stripe will transfer the funds to your preferred bank account.
    6. We highly suggest processing a test transaction on your site to ensure that everything is set up correctly. You can read our article How To: Run a Test Transaction to see how to do so. This will allow you to see what your customers see, and you can make changes to your store if you need to enhance your customer's experience.
    7. Once an order is successfully placed, you will see the order, ASF Prints vendor purchase order, and receipts emailed out, and you will be assured that any future live orders will process without fail.
  2. Payment Gateways for Prints
    1. At this time, you will be able to use Stripe,, and PayPal, but you will not be able to use any other type of payment options such as Pay By Check.
    2. You will only be able to connect with ASF Prints if your prices are offered in USD.
  3. Accepting Payments For Originals and Standard Products
    1. When selling things like originals and standard products on your site, you can choose to use any payment methods you would like, including the Pay By Check feature.
  4. Payment Limitations For Prints
    1. If you are already using Stripe for your prints, you will not be able to also use You will only be able to use one credit card payment gateway and we strongly suggest using Stripe.


How ASF Prints Are Paid

  1. Successful Orders
    1. First, a customer will place an order on your website and you will receive ALL of the funds at the time of the sale. These funds will do DIRECTLY to your Stripe account.
    2. You will see the customer’s order on your website in the order section
    3. Art Storefronts (the software) will then automatically send the order to ASF Prints.
    4. Once that order is created, your credit card that is ON FILE will be charged at ASF Print’s wholesale rate, along with any taxes or shipping costs ASF Prints charges.
      - Please Note: It is incredibly important for your credit card on file to be completely up to date so that the charge will go through.
      - Please Note: As of 12/21/2016, if you are an artist using a ASF Prints, you still MUST set up your own tax methods. They will not be inherited from ASF Prints.
    5. After the charge is applied to your credit card, ASF Prints will fulfill the order and ship the product to the customer.
  2. Unsuccessful Orders
    1. If your credit card is out of date or has insufficient funds and the order is declined, you will be required to first update your card within the billing section of the site.
    2. After your card has been updated you will need to navigate to the Orders section of the website.
    3. There will be a section labeled Orders With Unpaid fees which you will need to click on and retry the payment.
    4. Then you will navigate to the Vendor Order tab and retry the payment here as well.
      Please Note: If you do not attempt to retry the payment in both sections the order may still fail to go through to ASF Prints.
  3. Originals and Standard Products
    1. Originals and Standard Products are not fulfilled by ASF Prints.
    2. These products are fulfilled by you so there are no vendor charges. 


How Pricing Is Handled

      1. Pricing for Prints
        1. You must set mark-ups on your products in order to make a profit on any of the prints you are selling on your website.
        2. If you need to learn more about setting mark-ups, please see our self-help article How To: Edit Your Pricing Using Mark-Ups.
      2. Pricing For Originals and Standard Products
        1. For originals and standard products, you will provide a specific price to the items.
        2. You will not use mark-ups for these items.



How Shipping Is Handled

      1. Shipping For Prints
        1. Because ASF Prints is shipping the order from our facility, we do have the option to create a shipping method and charge for your prints.
        2. You cannot remove this shipping charge, but you can offer a coupon to make shipping free.
          - Please Note: You will still be responsible for paying the Shipping Cost to ASF Prints.
        3. When ASF Prints updates the status of a shipment, your customer will automatically be notified. In addition, any update ASF Prints makes will appear on the order. This allows you an easily accessible and complete record of the transaction.
      2. Shipping For Originals And Standard Items
        1. The customer can purchase both Prints and Originals (or Standard Products) within the same session and can be charged two different Shipping Methods.
        2. When a customer adds a print to their cart as well as an Original to their card those items are filtered, on the back end, into separate baskets (or batches). The ASF system will recognize that one will be fulfilled by the ASF Prints and one will be fulfilled by the Artist, but the customer won’t have to make two separate orders.
        3. Because you are shipping out Originals and Standard Products, you can create your own shipping methods for them. We strongly suggest reviewing our articles on Shipping By WeightFlat Rate Shipping and In-Store Pick-Up.


How Taxes Are Handled

      1. Taxes on Prints
        1. If you are an artist using ASF Prints, you still MUST set up your own tax methods. They will not be inherited from ASF Prints.
      2. Taxes on Originals and Standard Products
        1. The customer can purchase both Prints and Originals (or Standard Products) within the same session and can be charged two different Taxes.
        2. When a customer adds a print to their cart as well as an Original to their card those items are filtered, on the back end, into separate baskets (or batches). The ASF system will recognize that one will be fulfilled by the vendor and one will be fulfilled by the Artist, but the customer won’t have to make two separate orders.
        3. Because you are fulfilling Originals and Standard Products, you can create your own tax methods for them.
        4. If you need more information on creating tax methods, we strongly recommend reviewing our article How To: Create A Tax Method. If you are unsure of whether or not you need to charge taxes, please visit a site like Avalara and consult a CPA in your area.


How Coupons Are Handled

      1. Providing Coupons
        1. Art Storefronts has implemented a feature where you can now offer coupons to customers even if you are connected to a Fulfillment Vendor!
        2. There are many types of coupons that you can offer and we strongly suggest reviewing How To: Create A Coupon Code
        3. Please remember that even though the customer is receiving a discount, you will still need to pay the vendor the full amount if they are fulfilling the order for you.


How Refunds Are Handled

      1. Refunding Your Customer
        1. Because the customer purchased their Art Print from you, you will be responsible for the total refund to the customer if you have a refund policy in place.
        2. ASF Prints will never provide a refund to your customer as you are the one who received the full amount at the time of purchase of the print.
        3. To refund a customer who paid online, you must go to your payment gateway's website to process the refund. You cannot process refunds from within the ASF Orders page. Your Payment Gateway will be either or Please select the payment gateway used for the order and follow the instructions on how to refund the payment. 
      2. Refunds From  ASF Prints
        1. ASF Prints is not required to provide refunds to you.
        2. If you feel you need a refund from the ASF Prints, you can reach out to our Support Team and we will review the situation.
        3. Also, be aware that even if you receive a refund from ASF Prints for the print purchase, you will not receive a refund for the transaction fees.



Fulfillment Artist/Photographer FAQ


      1. How do I get set up with ASF Prints?
        • If you were not originally set up to auto-fulfill with your sales representative at the time of sale, you can create a ticket in your site manager, or email our support team at to make the switch. We can provide you with a list of Approved Fulfillment Partners for you to choose from. 
      1. If I fulfill through an ASF Prints, when and how will I get paid?
        • If you are fulfilling through a ASF Prints, you will be paid at the time a customer checks out. The total amount of the order will be deposited into your Stripe account, and a subsequent transaction will be charged to the card you have on file with ArtStorefronts for the price that ASF Prints charges for their printing services (Media, Framing, Styles, etc).
      1. Why do I need to get an account with Stripe? What’s that for?
        • Stripe is a credit card processor/ merchant account that we have made the premier partner with ASF Prints. Stripe enables all of the transactions to process effortlessly in the background, and is very easy to set up. You can visit Stripe’s website to read more about them.
      1. How do I know if my website is able to process transactions and take orders? 
        • If you follow Step 5 in "Accepting Payments for Prints" above, and your order successfully processes, your store is ready to accept live orders from real customers! 
      1. I previously got paid on a monthly basis from my Print Studio, is that going away?
        • YES! On the new fulfillment program, you will no longer get paid on the check schedule your Print Studio previously used. You will get paid immediately -- less headache for everyone’s accounting!
      1. I’m connected to a Print Studio that’s not currently part of this program, what can I do about this?
        • Art Storefronts reserves the right to invite Print Studios into this program at our discretion. If you are connected to a Print Studio that is not currently part of this program, you can elect to stay with them until they are, or, we can suggest other Print Studios you can link with.
      1. I'm not connected to a Print Studio, but I would like to use a Print Studio that is not part of this program, am I able to do that?
        • YES! You will need to set up your store as a "Self-Fulfilling" artist, and create all applicable media, frames, and styles that your print studio offers, with appropriate markups on pricing to ensure you cover the Print Studio's costs and generate enough profit for yourself. These orders will then have to be manually transferred to the Print Studio. This method does not allow for automatic fulfillment and you will be responsible for transferring all of the order information to the Print Studio, as well as paying the Print Studio for their portion of the costs. You, as the artist, will need to work out with your Print Studio the most efficient way of transmitting the order information to the Print Studio, and ArtStorefronts is not liable for this transmission.  
      1. I’m on an older plan that doesn’t allow this feature, what can I do to resolve this?
        • All of the current plans we have available are listed in the billing area of your Site Manager. You will go to the “Jump To” drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner, select “Billing” and then select the plans for Artists/Photographers. These plans are all eligible for fulfillment with ASF Prints. You can email your sales rep with your intention to upgrade to a newer plan, or email for further assistance.​
      1. What are the Terms and Conditions of this program?

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