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Checklist: Changing Fulfillment Vendors


A Fulfillment Vendor is a Print Studio who has partnered up with Art Storefronts to help automatically fulfill print orders for artists on the platform. Vendors are meant to make the life of an artist easier by removing the need for the artist to print out, package and ship their prints.

At ASF, we dedicate ourselves to make sure that your Fulfillment Vendor has a history of providing high-quality photographic printing and photofinishing services. Our criteria also ensure that your Fulfillment Vendor provides excellent support and a range of high-quality products.

Warning: Once you change your Fulfillment Vendor, it will affect your pricing, media, frames, style options and your resale certificate. You will need to: 

  1. Choose your Fulfillment Vendor:
    1. [United States][Approved Fulfillment Vendor] Art Storefronts Prints by Graphik Dimensions
    2. [United States][Approved Fulfillment Vendor] Bay Photo
    3. [Canada] [Approved Fulfillment Vendor] Print Partner CA
  2. Re-enter Markups: [Automated Fulfillment] How To: Set Prices using Markups in an Art Print Store
  3. Toggle On/Off Your Media Types: [Automated Fulfillment] How To: Enable and Disable Mediums in an Art Print Store
  4. Toggle On/Off Your Frames: [Automated Fulfillment] How To: Enable and Disable Frames in an Art Print Store 
  5. Toggle On/Off Your Style Finishes: How To: Enable and Disable Style Finishes in an Art Print Store
  6. Update your FAQ Page: How to set up FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page 
  7. Please Review Updated Tax Information: All About Sales Tax

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