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How To: Change Your Nameservers from GoDaddy to Cloudflare


This article will teach you how to;

  • Change the nameservers from GoDaddy to Cloudflare
  • Connect your root domain in Cloudflare
  • Add the custom domain in Art Storefronts.

This means you will be adding the www version of your domain to Art Storefronts(i.e.

What you will need:

  • A Godaddy account
  • A Cloudflare Account
  • Nameservers pointing to Cloudflare



Step 1: Add your domain in Cloudflare

  1. Log into your Cloudflare account


  2. Add your site by clicking ‘Add Site’.


  3. On the next page please add your domain name ( and click on Add Site


  4. Select your preferred plan


  5. Review your DNS Records and click on Continue.


  6. Cloudflare will then give you the new nameservers to change in your domain provider. In this case, it will be GoDaddy.


What Next?

  • Change Nameservers in Go Daddy


Step 2: Changing your domain nameservers to Cloudflare

  1. Log in to the administrator account for GoDaddy domain registrar



  2. Click on the DNS Records of your chosen domain


  3. Change your DNS Records (NAMESERVERS) to what your Cloudflare account recommended.
    1. Scroll down on the DNS page until you find Nameservers and click on Change.


    2. GoDaddy will let you know that the procedure is tricky. Please click on  Enter My Own Nameservers.


    3. Please enter the nameservers provided by Cloud-flare and click on Save.


    4. Confirm the changes


  4. Go back to your Cloudflare account and mark that you are Done with changing the nameservers values 


  5. After Cloudflare is done checking your new nameservers, you can now go ahead and start the Art Storefront part

Step 3 Adding Your Domain CNAME Record for ASF

  1. From within your Cloudflare account, navigate to your DNS setting


  2. Change the value of the www CNAME Record to


    1. Make sure that www is marked as the name
    2. Enter as the target
    3. Select Automatic TTL
    4. The cloud should be orange with a grey arrow through it

  3. Add a Root Domain CName Record

    1. From within your Cloudflare account, navigate to your DNS settings
    2. Select CNAME from the dropdown menu
    3. Enter @ as the name
    4. Enter as the target
    5. Select Automatic TTL
    6. The cloud should be orange with a grey arrow through it
    7. Click Save


Step 4 Adding Your Page Redirect Rule

  1. In the next step, we are going to add your Page Redirect Rule. You can do this by going back at the side navigation, click Rules


  2. If you don’t already have one, create a new page rule


  3. Enter your domain as*. In our case, we are going to enter*.

    Note: in place of yourdomain you see here you will enter your actual domain


  4. Right below that in the settings, please select the Forwarding URL.


  5. This will load some settings for you to adjust.
    1. Under Select Status Code click 301 - Permanent Redirect
    2. For the destination URL, enter in this exact format$1. In our case, we’ll add$1

      Note: in place of ‘yourdomain’ enter your actual domain
    3. Click Save and Deploy

  6. Since both Art Storefronts and Cloud-flare automatically SSL Certificates to your domain, we need to ensure that both of these platforms can integrate with one another with no conflicts. We can do this by going back at the top navigation, click SSL/TLS


  7. You’ll be taken to a new page where you’ll be provided some options on how to manage your SSL. Please change the setting from Full to Flexible.


    Please Note: If you do not check this step, your domain will result in an error. Below is an example:


What you can do now

  • Add Your Domain Within Art Storefront
  • Add a Cloudflare subdomain to Art Storefront


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