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How to: Add Videos to Your Products Page


When you’re working on your website, you may have some personalized videos that you want to put on your website. These videos could be of you painting, at a trade show or even a clip of an interview that you have done in the past. While you do have the ability to add videos to your site, you want to be sure to keep them to a minimum to make sure your site is not cluttered and loads at the most optimal speed.

This resource is going to guide you through the process of adding videos to your product pages. Before proceeding, you might want to take a look at these resources:

  1. How To Embed a Vimeo Video
  2. How To: Embed a Youtube Video

If you want a video included in your products, please follow the following instructions:

  1. Navigate to your preferred video source. We recommend using YouTube or Vimeo.
  2. Get the embed code as directed here:
    1. How To Embed a Vimeo Video
    2. How To: Embed a Youtube Video
  3. Go to your Store where the product is stored. This works for both Art Print Stores and Standard Stores.mceclip0.png
  4. Find the PRODUCTS tab in your storemceclip0.png

  5. Choose your desired product and click on edit
  6. On the next page, in the tab labelled Info, please find the areas where you enter your text. This is labeled as “Short Description” or “Long Description”.mceclip4.png

  7. Click on the Source button in the text editormceclip6.png
  8. After clicking on the Source button, paste the Embed code that you copied from your Video source.
  9. After pasting the code in, click on the Source button again.mceclip8.png
  10. Finally, make sure that you click on the Save button for the page. DO NOT CLICK THE BACK BUTTON. If you click the back button, you will lose all the work you just completed.mceclip9.png
  11. There is a difference of the layout depending on whether you chose “Short Description” or “Long Description”. This is shown below:
    1. Short Descriptionmceclip10.png
    2. Long descriptionmceclip11.png
Important: Sometimes the embedded video does not always work on all devices. Sometimes the layout is not mobile friendly. If you find this is true for your product page, you could use this tool to generate a more responsive embed code:

How the tool works:

  1. Copy your video URL from your preferred video sourcemceclip0.png
  2. Go to
  3. Paste the video URL in the text bar and click on Embedmceclip2.png
  4. Copy the Embed code generated and paste it in your product page as illustrated above from section 7mceclip3.png
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