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How to: Discounts your vendors shipping methods

PLEASE NOTE: This process will work only if you are a Fulfillment Site


This section will explain how to edit the description of your medium. If you have any trouble setting this up please don’t hesitate to contact us at so we can help you get it configured correctly. 

This feature allows you to override the price of any shipping method and will display and apply discounted shipping instead.

If you select Free Shipping for a Shipping Method, that selection will take precedence over the discounted one.

  1. Log in to your Site Manager
  2. On the jump to section, please select Shipping Methods


  3. Click on the Shipping Methods


  1. Scroll down to Discounted Shipping Options section
  2. Choose the shipping method you would like to discount on the left and assign the discount Percentage to Apply


  3. After that, please save your changes by clicking on “Update”.
  4. You can now test your shipping and it’s discounted value like shown below:


NOTE: You will still have to pay for shipping from your fulfillment partner. This is simply your decision to discount shipping for your own customer, likely because you have factored this cost into your product pricing already.


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