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How to: Customize your Medium Title and Tooltip

PLEASE NOTE: This process will work only if you are a Fulfillment Site


This section will explain how to edit the description of your medium. If you have any trouble setting this up please don’t hesitate to contact us at so we can help you get it configured correctly.

WARNING: We do not recommend changing these tooltips unless you have a very deliberate reason to do so. Art Storefronts has worked with our fulfillment vendors to create verbiage that is understandable and attractive to end consumers who are not familiar with the typical art industry lingo. We will also be updating these tooltips from time to time, to further optimize them.
Overriding this may harm the conversion rates, and the sales potential, of your website.
  1. Log in to your Site Manager
  2. Navigate to your Art Print Store

  3. In the Media tab, you will find the list of all media offered by your vendor.


  4. Choose the medium you want to edit and click on the blue edit link

  5. This will open a new section where you can change the name and the tool-tip of the medium

  6. You can now edit the name and the tool-tip. After making you changes, make sure to click on SAVE and check the website for the new title and tool-tip description.




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