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How to use Augmented Reality Tool as a Stand Alone feature for your site.


This is an advanced set up feature, is not responsible for unintended or unsatisfactory results. Thank you! 


Below, you can find the instructions if you intend to use our Augmented Reality feature as a plug in for your website. Augmented Reality feature is a preview tool that uses your website's visitor camera to project an image onto their wall, letting your customer experience how your art would look in their own room, by using their phone screen.

In order to start this process, contact ASF support, either by ticket or by live chat, since only ASF team members have the ability to enable this feature on your website.



Please keep in mind that this setting is not visible for site owners, and you will need to contact ASF support in order to have it enabled.


Afterwards, upload your images normally as you would in your Art Print Store.




Once all your images have been uploaded, export your products using the Export function under the Info tab of your Art Print Store.




Once you request an export, you will receive an email with the CSV file.




Click the link to download the CSV file containing all the information regarding your products.

The easiest way to handle a CSV file is to use Google Sheets for it. Log into your Google account, go to and click the keypad looking button in the top right corner and select the Sheets application from there.




On this new page, create a new sheet by clicking the Blank option in the top row.




Once a new sheet has been created, we need to upload the file you just downloaded in order to extract the necessary information from it. To do this click the File button in the top left corner and then Open.




This will open a dialog window where you will be prompted chose what to open. Select the upload section and use the "Select a file from your device" button or simply drag and drop the file in the specified space.




Once the file has been uploaded, you should be seeing an extensive sheet with all your products and properties connected to them.




The column we are looking for is the one called “URL within Store for Live Preview”, in this case located in the column N.




Located in this column is the link you will place in the following source code to use on your non-ASF site.


<a href="This is where your link goes" onclick="'This is where your link goes once again')" target="_blank">This will open the AR feature in a new tab</a>


Once the code has been completed with your links to the desired product, place the entire code on the corresponding product of your non-ASF site.


When the customer clicks the link, a new tab/window will open with the AR feature already selected!



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