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How to: Add an Experience Page to your website



Please Note: Using a Copy Theme won't allow for the editing tools of the Experience Page to be available. We advised to use the normal themes instead of a copy, to allow all functions and updates done in ASF to apply to the current layouts you are using.





Here, we will demonstrate our new feature, the experience page! This will create a page that utilizes the full width of the page and takes your customer through an interactive experience of your site. To create one, start from the site manager and then create the page itself, name it whatever you like.Screenshot_01.png

This will bring you to the options section where you can select a few options regarding the page itself, such as the header, having the header is fixed to the top of the window, or whether the footer is displayed.


Keep in mind, the navigation bar will still be displayed after scrolling down your page - we did not want to get rid of that, in order to ensure your customers still have navigation options available if they want to go back to the main section of the site. Once you are done with the preliminary settings, you can move on to creating the page itself. This functions similarly to our Content builder, but with full width sections being added.


They best way to go about it is to experiment as much as you can, with the different sections and different effects available to be added.
The one thing we would like to mention in particular is the ability to add videos to your experience pages.


This can be done by adding the video to the extra files section of your site manager, created for this reason.



After the upload has been completed, (processing may take a bit for video files), you can take the link provided and use it on your experience page.



We may add features later on, to utilize the Extra files section more. We will keep you posted!

How to Embed a Video

Apart from the background videos that you can add as described above. You could also embed your video. Check out the video below:

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