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How To: Use the "Stand Alone Pages" Section


This section allows you to manage your pages in a more organized manner. It allows you to combine all of your pages that are not visible (offline) on your website. These pages are known as Stand-Alone Pages. These can include pages like your Art Print and Standard Stores, Newsletter pages and Giveaways. To recognize these pages, they are the ones with a red dot (mceclip0.png ). 


NOTE: If your site has a large number of pages, you will want to move your offline pages to this Stand-Alone Pages section. It will help you manage your pages list, and it will help with the speed of saving the structure of pages (site hierarchy).


You can see an example in the image below:


To organize your Stand-Alone Pages, please follow the following steps:


  1. Log in to your Site Manager


  1. On the list of pages, all the offline pages are the ones that have the “big red dot” (). At the far right of these pages, there’s an icon marked (). 


  1. Click on the () icon. Once you’ve clicked on the icon, the system will ask you if you are sure. 


  1. Click OK and the page will refresh itself.
  2. At the very bottom of your screen, you can now see a new section named “Stand-Alone Pages”


  1. Now you can have a better view of your Visible pages and the Stand Alone pages.



To delete a Stand-Alone Page, please follow the following steps:

  1. Scroll down to the very bottom of your screen, to the “Stand-Alone Pages”
  2. Find the page you would like to delete
  3. On the far right you will see the little Trash can icon:


  4.  Next, you will be asked to Confirm that you want to delete this page.


    Keep in mind that once you delete a page, it cannot be recovered!
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