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ASF Referral Program



Loving what Art Storefronts is doing for the art community?

Over the years, many of our customers have referred friends or colleagues to Art Storefronts because they genuinely believe that we are the best place for people to learn how to sell art, to get the support and coaching they need, and of course to utilize the best software for selling art online.

If you genuinely feel this too, we'd love for you to participate in the Art Storefronts Referral Program!

Compensation for 2020

In 2021, you will have TWO reward options to choose from:

1. $150 (paid via PayPal)
2. 3 month extension to your Art Storefronts membership

After receiving a referral, we'll reach out to you to confirm which reward you would like.


Referral boost through July 1st 

Turn on your ASF Member Badge to receive an extra $100 per referral through July 1, 2021! 

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Why Refer?

  • As our community of members expands, so does the value of our collaborative network. New voices, new ideas, new case studies. When the platform grows, everyone benefits from it.
  • Art Storefronts utilizes the funds generated from our customers' success to add new features and solutions to help everyone build a better art business. The membership you initially paid for only gets better and better.
  • Artists usually need as much help as possible, so it should feel good to help another artist take control of their art career, get them on the right track, and save them from years of unnecessarily struggling or starving.
  • You will be compensated handsomely for doing so!

How It Works

  • You tell an artist about Art Storefronts
  • They sign up
  • You get a referral bonus!

How do we know you referred them?

They either mention you by name when they initially request a demonstration, or they click on a special referral link that we provide you with, that leads them to the Art Storefronts website.

Each link contains a unique tracking code that is specific to you. You are free to use these links however you want – post one in a forum, reply to a forum comment and post the link in it, send it out in an email blast to a group of artists or photographers, or just email it to a friend.

If someone has never submitted a demo request with us before (we have a permanent record of this date), and they click on any of your affiliate links OR they specifically mention that you referred them at the time of the demo request – then they will be tracked in our system as an affiliate referral from you.

They'll get a free month added to the end of their ASF plan for taking advantage of your referral code, and you'll get the referral bonus!

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