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How To: Set up Wall Calendars with Automated Fulfillment


If you're an Artist using Gooten to fulfill merch products on your site and you are looking to offer wall calendars on your website, Art Storefronts has implemented this new product for you! We now offer our customers the ability to sell wall calendars and have them be automatically fulfilled by Gooten.


For Calendar specifications visit this page


To offer calendars through Gooten, you will need to follow these simple steps:


Step 1. Enable the Calendar as a merch medium

In your site manager, go to your Art Print Store, Media tab > Merch tab, find the Wall Calendars and switch the toggle ON:


Once you enabled the medium, you can proceed to step 2, here you will specify the images which will be used for the inside pages (months, Jan 2021-Jan 2022)

Step 2. Create a folder with images for the inside pages of the calendar

While you are in the Art Print Store, navigate to the Products tab, and click on + Add Folder button:


Step 2.a Name the calendar folder

When naming the calendar, it is extremely important that you follow the correct naming conventions. Only folders that are named with [Calendar] in front of the name, will be considered a folder that contains images for the inside pages.
In the example below, we created a folder called "[Calendar] Portraits".

Please Note: The actual name of the folder, in this case, the word "Portraits" will be visible on the live site, so make sure you name your folders with something that will be easy for your customer to understand.


3. Add images for inside calendar pages to the folder

Add 13 images to this folder. When populating pages January 2021 to January 2022, images will follow the same order that you have set in the folder. So in order to reorganize the images on the pages of the calendar, simply change the order in the folder.


4.  Preview on the live website

Please note that customers will be able to chose any image from an Art Print Store (that are visible in Product Galleries) with Wall calendars enabled as their cover for the calendar. However, only the images located in the [Calendar] folder will appear as months, in the same order as they appear there.


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