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Art Storefronts Support Article Updates


June 2021

1st- 5th

May 2021

23rd - 29th

  • The 2021 ASF Referral Program
  • We updated the compensation for 2021, and added the information for the Referral boost through July 1st. See the article here: ASF Referral Program

  • GDPR Overlay
  • The new cookie consent bar design is less intrusive, taking up less space on the screen while still clearly communicating your cookies policy. See the article here: Learn: Everything You Need to Know About the GDPR Overlay

  • How To: Create a Drop-Down Menu
  • We added a new video and walkthrough on how to create a drop down menu. See the article here: How To: Create a Drop-Down Menu

17th - 22nd

10th - 15th

  • How To: Create Billboard Images Using Your Artwork
  • We added how you could create your billboard images according to our recommendations. We have highlighted how to create these images using and See article here: How To: Create Billboard Images Using Your Artwork 

  • How To: Use an Unsupported Domain Name Registrar
  • If your domain registrar is not recommended in Art Storefronts, it is most likely that your registrar is missing an essential part of the recommended custom domain set-up in Art Storefronts. Below are a few workarounds that you might use to get your domain working as expected. This involves using another service.
    See the article here: How To: Use an Unsupported Domain Name Registrar 

  • How To: Offer Originals
  • We updated the process according to the platform and also added better instructions on how to set-up your originals. See article here: How To: Offer Originals

April 2021


  • Mailchimp Integration
  • Mailchimp had changed their User Interface and we updated this to reflect the most recent version of Mailchimp and Art Storefronts. See the article here: Create A MailChimp Account



19th - 24th

March 2021


  • Resale Certificates
  • We added a walkthrough instructions on how to upload the resale certificates to your Tax Exemptions tab. Please see Step 6 in this article on All About Sales Tax and Remaining Tax Exempt

  • Recommended logo image sizes
  • We added the recommended logo image sizes for main logo on desktop, logo for scrolling navigation and mobile as well as recommended size for the social media default image. See the article on How To: Upload Your Logo
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