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How To: Set Up your Custom Google Domain

WARNING: These steps should be followed exactly in order for your custom domain name to work correctly. If any of these settings are incorrect your domain will not function correctly and may cause issues with customers attempting to purchase art from your site.


PLEASE NOTE: While setting up the custom domain from Google, you don't need to add an IP address. If advised otherwise, please contact us at


If your custom domain name is hosted by Google you can use these step-by-step instructions to point it to the Art Storefronts platform and to your site.


  1. Go to and click on Sign In.


  2. You will now need to enter your Email or Phone, then click on Next.


  3. Next step will ask you to enter your password, then click on next.


  4. With the right email and password, you’ll be taken to the domains dashboard where you’ll see a list of your domains.


  5. On the domain that you would like to connect, click on the Manage button.


  6. This will then take you to the domain details like privacy and renewal date. Please click on the DNS option on the left panel


  7. This will take you to the DNS settings of your domain.


  8. Please scroll down until you find Custom resource records.


  9. We are going to add a record here with the following values as illustrated below:
    1. In the first textbox, please enter the value www.
    2. In the second dropdown, please choose CNAME
    3. Please leave the third textbox as 1H 
    4. And in the last textbox, please enter, then click on the Add button


  10. We are going to scroll up a little bit and find the Synthetic Records section


  11. We are going to add a record here with the following values as illustrated below:
    1. In the first dropdown, please ensure the value stays at Subdomain Forward
    2. In the second textbox area, please enter the value “@
    3. In the third textbox, please enter your full domain URL, (For example:
    4. Please ensure the following values are checked:
      1. Permanent Redirect (301)
      2. Forward Path
      3. Disable SSL 
    5. Then click on Add.


  12. That completes the domain set-up from Googles end. After your set-up, the options should look similar to the screenshot below.


  13. Now it’s time to switch back to the Site Manager in order to perform the other half of this process. Once your site has loaded, click on Site Address.


  14. Click on + Add New.
  15. Enter your domain name into this field. If it’s not a subdomain, you should have a www at the start of it.


  16. You should now have your domain name listed below.


Please note: Although your domain name may be up and running very quickly, in some cases it may take up to 24-48 hours for these settings to take effect properly. While these changes are propagating you may experience errors while trying to access your domain name, but these should disappear once this process has been completed.

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