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How To: Use the Advanced Filter in a Product Gallery of Specific Products


We are now introducing Advanced Filter feature as a filtering option on Product Galleries that display Specific Products. Currently it allows filtering by Subject and Color and it can be used with Art Print products as well as products from the Standard Store (Standard Products, Originals, Limited Editions). It is an incredibly important feature that improves your customer experience.

Please note: This feature is available only on Sleek 3.0 theme. If you would like to use this feature, you will need to make sure you are using Sleek 3.0 theme and that you have enabled the feature by following the instructions below. This feature is only available on Product Galleries that display Specific Products and Products by Keywords. It is not available on Product Galleries that display other Product Galleries, or Keywords as Clickable Categories.   


To add the Advanced Filter to your Product Galleries that display Specific Products, you will need to follow these simple instructions.

1) First, navigate to your Site Settings, and click on the Info tab:



2) Scroll down to go to the Advanced Filter and from the dropdown select YES, then click on Save:



3) Next, we need to define the Subjects that fit your art, and add those as subject keywords to your Store(s). In this example, we will show you how to do that in the Art Print Store, but the same principal applies to adding subject keywords in the Standard Store.
To add subject keywords (which will display as Subjects on your website) we need to navigate to the Info tab of your Art Print Store:


4) Scroll down to the section labeled Filter By Subject Keywords:



5) Start by adding the Subject Keywords you wish to use. Subjects can be anything you define as a broad category that describes your work and is easily understandable to others, but you should only use single words or very short phrases.

Here is a couple of examples: Abstract, Landscape, Architecture, Nude, Portrait, Cities, Floral, Still Life, Women, Fantasy, Men, Music, Transportation, Celebrity, Food & Drink, Car, Patterns, Sport, Motorcycle.

For each, type in the keyword and then hit ENTER:


6) Add the rest of your Search Keywords, making sure you hit Enter after each Subject Keyword.

Once you have typed in all your subjects keywords, you should see something like this, with all your Subjects separated:  




7) Click on the blue Save button at the bottom right corner of the screen



8) The last step is to go through your products and add then to the appropriate Subject category that you have defined in steps 6 and 7. Navigate to the Products tab of your Art Print Store, find and open a product you would like to add to any of the Subject categories we just defined. Make sure you are on the Info tab on the product



9) Scroll down to the Subject Keywords section, and checkmark the Subject(s) that represent this products:



10) Go through the rest of your products to assign them each to your pre-defined Subjects.

11) Lastly, to see what the Filter looks like on your website, open any of your Product Galleries that display Specific Products



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