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How To: Set Up Your 1& Domain Name




WARNING: These steps should be followed exactly in order for your custom domain name to work correctly. If any of these settings are incorrect your domain will not function correctly and may cause issues with customers attempting to purchase art from your site.


Please note: If you intend to use a custom domain name from IONOS/1&1with your site this process is not optional but MANDATORY to complete.

Adding your DNS Record for your domain

  1. Please login to your IONOS/1&1 account



  2. Once you login to your account. You’ll land on the dashboard. Please select Manage Domain.


  3. This will take you to the domain dashboard. Please select the DNS option.

  4. Please check if you have a DNS Record with the CNAME type that has  www as the host name.

    If so, please edit the value of the record to

    If not please add a CNAME record with the host as www and the value as





Adding your domain forwarding

    1. Now that we’ve added the DNS Records pointing to Art Storefronts servers, we’ll need to ensure that both your root domain (in this case and www domain name ( are working. For us to do this, we’ll need to go back to the domain details.


    2. Click on Destination by clicking on Adjust Destination. In some cases this will be labelled as Domain not in Use. If that's the case click on Use Your Domain.


    3. The platform will ask you the next step and in this case, we want to choose the Forward Domain


    4. You’ll be taken to a new page where you’ll need to set-up the domain forwarding. Please add the following settings
      1. Redirect to destination - Please add your full domain URL (in our case
      2. Also set up the www subdomain  should be left unchecked.
      3. Redirect Type - Please choose HTTP Redirect
    5. Then Click On Save


Adding your domain to your Art Storefronts site

  1. Please login to your Site Manager and click on Site Address.


  2. Now click on Add New.


  3. Now enter your domain name, and click on Create.


  4. Your domain name should now be set up, and should be working correctly within the next 4-24 hours. Until this process has completed, anybody visiting your domain name may experience errors (including SSL errors) or find the domain name is unreachable, but this should resolve itself once this process has been completed.



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