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How To: Set Up a Live Art Show Page


What is a Live Art Show?


Live art shows are a fun, entertaining and exclusive event that your audience will want to attend. This is a closing tactic and the Live Art Show Playbook that our marketing team has put together, can help you through the execution of the entire strategy, step by step. 


How To Set Up The Page?


1. First, we will create a Store where we will upload the products to offer on this live art show. This store is also where you will send all the traffic during the show and will be the way that customers can easily buy the pieces.

While in your Site Manager, make sure you are on the Pages tab and then click on +Add Page button




2. Type in the name for your Live Art Show page, in this example we will use 'Live Art Show September'. 




3. Make sure that for the Type of Page you select Store, and then click on Create




4. Next, you will be asked what type of Store do you want to create. Here you will select Live Art Show Store, and then click on Create again. 




5. Now we can start uploading images for products. We can do this either by clicking on + Add Products button or by dragging and dropping images. If you have your live art show images organized in a folder, you can also drag and drop an entire folder here, and products will be created.




6. Once the images have been uploaded, the Products will be generated below. They will all automatically be numbered in the order that they were uploaded. 




7. If you wish to reorder the images, you can simply do that by dragging and dropping to change the their new position. The numbering will be automatically updated, and you will not need to change the number of pieces manually. 


8. To Edit the product, simply click on the Edit link below Product Name. This will open the product for you, so that you can add the product information.




9. In the Info tab of the product you can change the Name of the product. There is no need to add the number of the product in the name, since the number is already being automatically calculated by the platform.




10. Next, you will add the Price. Please keep in mind that you need to bake the cost of the shipping into the cost of the Product.




11. The Quantity will default to 1, since these are usually individual pieces.



12. Next, you will add a short description for the product. Since all products and their descriptions will be displayed on the live art show page, try to keep this description concise. 



13. Once you are done editing the product, make sure to click on the blue Save button at the bottom right corner.




14. Let's go back to the Store, to finish the setup of the Live Art Show landing page. To go back to the store from the product page, simply click on the name of the store at the top of the page.




15. Once you are back in the Store, you will want to click on the Info tab




16. Here you can chose if you want to have this page visible in the navigation menu on your website by setting the Appears in Navigation Menu toggle to Yes or No. 




17. If you have a special Show Logo you can upload that image here. If you do not have a special Show Logo, and you wish to use your standard logo, there is no need to upload anything here. The page will already display your standard logo by default, if no other Show Logo has been uploaded.




18. Once the Live Art Show is over, you will can easily add the embed code for the video into the Video Embedded Code. This will display the video of the Live Art Show on the page, so when you email you contacts list after the show with any remaining pieces that are still available for purchase, the show video will be a nice touch on that page.




19. Here you can also update the Name of the Live Art Show 




20. The Number Of Columns will default to 3, though you can change that to 2.




21. By default, we've added the Lead Content to your page that welcomes your customers to the Live Art Show, and makes an introduction to the art pieces on sale. You can update this content, though for anyone who is new to running Live Art Shows, we recommend leaving the default text. 




22. If there is something you would like to add to the very bottom of the page, you can do that in the Ending Content - Store Page field.




23. Don't forget to click on Save




24. Now, let's click on Preview Site to see what this Live Art Show page looks like when visitors land on it.





25. Lastly, you will want to make sure that your shipping methods are set up correctly for items where the cost of the shipping is included into the cost of the item, like is the case with our Live Art Show Products. To do this, use the Jump To menu and navigate to the Shipping Methods




26. Click on the name of the shipping method. If you have multiple shipping methods, you will want to repeat the following steps for all of them.




27. Scroll down until you see the Amount By Cart Subtotal setting, or if you are using shipping my weight, then find the Amount By Weight, as the process is the same. 

In order for this to function correctly you will need to make sure your shipping methods have a "0" cart subtotal option or a "0" weight option with a $0 price associated with it, depending on which method your shipping method uses to calculate the costs.



28. Lastly, don't forget to click on the Update button at the bottom right corner



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