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How To: Add An Order Bump (Before Checkout) To Your Checkout Page


Table of Contents


What is an Order Bump?

How To Create An Order Bump Product?

How to Enable and Edit the Order Bump Page

Fulfillment of An Order Bump Product


What is an Order Bump?

An Order Bump is an offer that is presented to the customers just before they finalize their order, directly on the checkout page. The Order Bump product is simply added to their existing cart and made into an order after they complete their purchase. All that the customer has to do, to purchase this additional product is consider the offer and click one button to buy it.

Important: Excluding Order Bumps from Future Promotions
If you choose to offer your Order Bump item at a discount, be aware the item will be further discounted by any coupon codes your buyers use in the future.

To prevent this, you just need to exclude your Order Bump Store from all coupon codes. Learn how in this article


How To Create An Order Bump Product?


An Order Bump Product can be any Standard Product from your Standard Store. We recommend creating a dedicated Standard Store for your order bump products. This way, you can exclude them from any current and future promotions.


Here we will show you how to create a Standard Product and use it as an Order Bump in your Checkout Funnel.


1) While in your Site Manager, click on +ADD PAGE to create a new, dedicated Standard Store. 




2) Select the Store (i.e. Art Print Store, Standard Store, Live Art Show Store) option, and click on CREATE



3) Select the Standard Store option, and click on CREATE


4) Now that we have created a new dedicated store, we can create an Order Bump Product. Click on + Add Product to start creating a product you will use as your upsell offer




5) For the Type of Product make sure you select the Standard Product. If you select any other product type other then Standard Product, you will not be able to use this product as an Order Bump, and you will need to create the Order Bump product again. Then, type in the Name of the product and click Save at the bottom right corner.




6) Add the image of the product by clicking on + Add Photos button and selecting a photo of the upsell product.

Note: only the first image you add to the product photos will be the one that is displayed as the product preview on the left side of the Order Bump page. If there are additional images you need to show, you can add those to the Short Description.




7) Next, make sure that the Quantity is set high, as it will ensure that new visitors can purchase it as long as the product is in stock. By default it will be set to an optimal value of 1000.




8) Next, you will add a short description of the piece you are offering.

Note: if you would like to show the original price crossed out next to the new Order bump price, you will need to add that here, in the Short Description of the product.




9) Next, add the Price of the Order Bump Product. Keep in mind that the price you add here, will be the product price that will be offered in the Order Bump section of the checkout page. There will not be an additional discount that is applied to this price, so this price should already be your discounted price.

Example: You normally sell this item for $520, but as an Order bump you want to offer it for only $240. You would put $240 as the Price of the Order bump product. For additional marketing impact, in the Short description you could add the original price of $520 as crossed out next to the new price of $240.


IMPORTANT: The price of the shipping for the Order bump product should be included in the price of the item. On the Order Bump Page, there will be no other shipping costs for the Order bump product.




10) Make sure that 'Include in Shipping Price Calculation' is set to NO. Instead, bake in the cost of the shipping into the cost of the Order Bump Product.




11) In order for this to function correctly you will need to make sure your shipping methods have a "0" weight option or "0" cart subtotal option with a $0 price associated with it, depending on which method your shipping method uses to calculate the costs. To do so, navigate to your Shipping Methods




12) Open the shipping method you have set up on your website.




13) Scroll down to the Amount by Cart Subtotal (or Amount by Cart Weight, if this is the way you have set up your shipping costs)




14) Add a "0" weight option or "0" cart subtotal option with a $0 price associated with it, depending on which method your shipping method uses to calculate the costs:




15) Repeat steps 11) and 12) for any shipping methods you have set up on your website.


How to Enable and Edit the Order Bump Page


1) Using the Jump to Menu, navigate to the Revenue Boosters Page:




2) Let's  Find the Product that we just created in the steps above. Type in the name of the Order Bump Product and click Find




3) Select the product from the results by clicking on the button Choose




4) Next, let's edit the Lead Content. This is the content that will be added to the very top of your Order Bump section on the Checkout page. By default, this field will be populated with the following text:


Yes! Add [Product Name] to my order!


Calculate the discount % (or $ amount) that you applied to the price of the Order Bump Product, any edit the default content to reflect your offer. Also edit the Product Name to the name of your Order Bump Product.




5) In order for your buyers to able to select your Order Bump product on the Checkout page, you will need to Enable the Order Bump by making sure that the Enabled? toggle is set to YES.




6) To Preview this Order Bump product you need to create a Cart on your site and it will be visible on Instant Checkout sliding cart or on the Checkout page.





Fulfillment of An Order Bump


The Order Bump Product is set up as a Standard Product type. This means that for anyone who accepts your order bump and buys the product, you will be responsible of fulfilling the order. 

If this is a piece that is in your possession, maybe you have it in your art studio, you would simply fulfill send it directly to your customer.

In case you offered a specific art print product as a bump product, at a specific size and finishing options, or even a merch product, you can easily place a self made order with your vendor to fulfill this order, and send the item directly to your buyer. 

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