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[Automated Fulfillment] How To Create Products In Your Art Print Store And Display Them On Your Site


As you are moving through the site setup process, you will get to the point where you'd like to upload your products on your site and make them available for purchase. Below you will find instructions on how to create products that are fulfilled through our Automated Fulfillment system, and are sent directly to your Fulfillment Vendor when ordered from your website.

Given the fact that these products will be directly and automatically sent to the vendor for printing, we need to make sure that those products have high resolution images of sufficient quality that will produce amazing print reproductions. 

Here is some of the general info regarding image sizes, formats and color profile requirements
  • Supported formats are JPG, TIF, and PNG. (JPG is recommended)
  • Maximum file size can be 100 megabytes.
  • Maximum resolution 200 megapixels (Roughly 14.100x14.100 pixels on a square image).
  • 8-bit RGB files only
  • Embedded color space should be either sRGB or Adobe RGB.


If you are going to be photographing your art on your own, please read our blog on How To Photograph Your Artwork for Reproductions. Here, we lay our specific recommendations on equipment for photographing artwork, as well as a checklist for the basic process using lights and either a 24MP DSLR or a smartphone.


If you only have phone images, ideally, you'd have your paintings photographed professionally. If that is not an option, Topaz Gigapixel AI is an amazing software that will help you with clearing up and enlarging your image's resolution. As a member of Art Storefronts, you have a discount of 15% with the ASFMEMBER15 code. Topaz Gigapixel can be found HERE>>


Once you have your files ready, please follow the instructions below in a preferred format in order to create your Automatically Fulfilled products, and display them on your website. 

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