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How To: Set up Your About the Artist Page Using On-Site Content Builder


Setting up About the Artist page on your site will allow you a page where you can talk about yourself and your Artistic journey through life. From the moment you first picked up a brush and a color palette, or the moment you shot your first Photograph with a camera, this page will let you tell your story to your followers and to the world. This article will walk you through the use of On-Site Content Builder on your Art Storefronts website to create About the Artist page. 

About the Artist page is a Standard Page type, which is a content building page which you can construct using template elements of our On Site Content Builder your site provides. Template of the About the Artist page is added to each website by default. 

Let's get started. 

  1. Click on the Standard Page labeled "About the Artist". This will open up the page's back-end from where we can access the editor. 


  2. The tab you will land on is labeled "Info". This is where you can edit the basic information such as the name of the page and headline text, and also download a QR code. Let's click on the "Content" tab. 


  3. Once here, we need to ensure that the "Type Of Content" is set to On-Site Content Builder. If it is, you can proceed by clicking the "Click Here" link, which will take you to your live site. 

  4. Now that we have opened the page on the site, we can start editing the content using the On-Site Content Builder. You will notice that on the right side of your screen, you see 3 different options labeled "+ADD", which is the option used to add new elements, "HTML" is the option used to access the HTML of the page (not necessary) and "Save Content" saves the changes you made. 


  5. You can use the existing text on the page and edit it to your preferences, as shown below 


    You should always write in first person on the About the Artist page. This gives out a sense of genuineness and honesty. You are talking about your own life and artistic journey
  6. Image on the existing template can be replaced by selecting the placeholder image, and clicking on the image icon. Then you can select the image from your PC/Mac to upload. 


    We recommend having at least one "candid image" showing yourself creating your Art. It could be an image from a studio with a brush in hand in front of a canvas, or an image in the wilderness with your camera out and ready
  7. If you'd like to delete an element on the page, just select it and click on either of the X icons marked below. 


  8. To add more elements, select the "+ADD" option in the right-hand menu and browse through the different templates. The content in each template is fully editable (images and text). 


  9. When you are satisfied with how the page looks, make sure to click on the "Save Content" option in the right-hand menu. This saves any changes made on the page that would otherwise not be saved


    What do I do next?

    Your site is almost ready! Last step is to send your website for a Technical Site Audit by Art Storefronts Technical Support and ensure that everything works perfectly before you launch and go live.

    You can request a Technical Site Audit by following instructions in this Article. How To: Request a Technical Site Audit

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